Barking In Style: A Dog’s Fall Fashion Favorites

It’s a chilly Friday morning. The time is 8:32 am, almost time for your morning poop. The grass is green, the birds are chirping, and your neighbor that threatens you every time you pee on their lawn is inside. Your owner rolls out of bed, changes into their outside clothes, and secures your leash. Then, just when things are seemingly perfect, your owner reaches into the closet and there it is — the puffy coat from hell.

My owner clearly doesn’t know how to dress me. To help others avoid similar public embarrassment, I’ve decided to compile a list of the dog world’s top five fall fashion trends.

Chewy Adidog Track Suit $10.99


These three stripes are ruling the fashion industry right now and this trendy get up on Chewy is only $10.99, a steal for both active dogs and resident lazy pups (like myself) who wear activewear just for fun.

Ralph Lauren Cotton Pique Polo Shirt $45.00

Collared Shirts

Collared shirts seem to be the epitome of style right now and this Ralph Lauren Cotton Pique Polo Shirt is great for any occasion. But if you’re like me, and you don’t have $45 to spend on a polo shirt, opt for a more affordable option, like this version I found on Amazon. 

Etsy Fall Dog Bandanas $5.00

Fall Themed Bandanas

Trends come and go but bandanas will never be out of style. They are and always will be the key accessory that pulls every outfit together. This season, I’m loving these handmade Fall Dog Bandanas on Etsy. They have patterns ranging from pumpkins to one’s decorated with Snoopy.

Dog Australia Waterproof Boots $14.99

Dog Australia Boots

This formerly popular human brand may be out for our owners but definitely in for us dogs. The Dog Australia Waterproof Boots are perfect for that rainy fall night when you don’t feel like getting those paws in the mud. Pair these boots with a nice raincoat like this one from Petco or for you lady dogs, style them with a cute mute tone dress. 

Amazon KOOLTAIL Plaid Hoodie $18.99

Plaid Anything

Plaid is a staple pattern this Autumn, and when put together with my favorite clothing item- a hoodie, I always feel comfortable in my fur. Tall, short, four legs, three legs, whatever it may be, this KOOLTAIL Plaid Hoodie for Dogs was built for anybody. 

Always remember, these are just my personal picks for the Fall season. Wear what makes you happy. Confidence is always on trend! But whatever you do: do not let the humans dress you. Learn from my mistakes. After all, this is the kind of stuff they put on the runway: