5 Rescues To Follow on Social Media

We all have the same morning routine. We wake up, and before we even get out of bed, we mindlessly scroll through endless content posted on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. We curate our platforms by adding/deleting friends and liking/following pages so we are only bothered by what we are interested in. My Facebook feed, which I check every morning, is partially composed of charming photos of the adoptable animals in my local shelter’s holding. Hoping they will reach someone interested in adopting, my local shelter adds a caption of each animal, essentially advertising their wonderful qualities. Every day, I notice overwhelmingly positive support on posts like these, not only from locals of those shelters but social media users around the world as well. 

After doing a little digging, I’ve found so many wonderful rescues/shelters who have put an extensive amount of work into representing their great animals properly on social media. Here are some of my favorites, that I will now be following on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. 

Best Friends Animal Society

Starting off with a dedicated no-kill sanctuary, Best Friends Animal Society is sure to update its followers daily of adorable dogs they’ve saved, often detailing the hard work of their acclaimed staff. This photo of the previously injured but now rockstar Bono is one of my favorites.

Rescue Dogs Rock NYC

Located in New York City, this organization posts the incredible transformations many rescue dogs go through after they are first discovered in poor condition. They are also incredibly detailed about the personality’s of their dogs, just check out this post on Polly, a beautiful retriever mix.

Sweet Paws Rescue

Sweet Paws Rescue has posted over 600 professional portraits of adorable doggies up for adoption. Just look at this one of sweet Mabel, who has been looking for a fur-ever home for 6 months.

Homeward Trails Rescue

This rescue is known for saving cats and dogs alike from under-resourced shelters. We can’t forget our kitty friends, just look at this beautiful spooky 6-month-old Mini Wheat. If you’re a fan of Halloween, this rescue has been posting their animals in a lot of cute Halloween get-ups.

Susie’s Senior Dogs

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CHARLOTTE, NC: Utley is a special senior who requires a little extra TLC. If anyone has experience with megaesophagus please read on! If not, please read on! Whether or not you have experience with this disorder makes no difference at all. Utley has a hard time keeping food and water down, so he has a special chair he sits in when he eats and a loving adopter just needs to be willing to make sure he sticks to his routines. That's it! Utley is otherwise a "normal" guy who likes to play ball, sunbathe, and head to the local brewery on Saturdays. He's so fun! PLEASE SHARE! 🍻 @bullies2therescue wrote, "Utley was an owner surrender to a shelter in #NorthCarolina. He was extremely skinny, all ribs and at least 20lbs underweight. We quickly discovered he had a hard time keeping his food down. After taking him to the vet we found out he has #megaesophagus (ME), which means his esophagus can not move his food to his stomach on it’s own. We like to call Utley the #GeorgeClooney of seniors. He is still young at heart and LOVES to chase balls around the yard, his favorite toy is a mini basketball. He has the cutest long legged, gangly run and will paw at you if you stop petting him. Utley’s other past times include sun bathing in the yard and snoozing on dog beds. Utley is great at making friends at breweries and loves sticking his head out the window on car rides. Utley gets along with other calm and submissive dogs- he would do well as an only dog or with one or two other quiet dogs. He does not appreciate young whipper snappers jumping in his face or zooming around him. His megaesophagus is well managed on one medication, Pepcid, Tums and 20 minutes of upright time after feedings. He can not handle water with his ME so he enjoys Knox blocks and ice cubes instead. It’s easy to get in a routine with it and he has been working on gaining weight. Bonus: he comes with his own fancy #Baileychair! We do allow out of state adoptions, however, you must travel to us to adopt Utley. Our adoption process begins with an application followed by a phone interview & home visit to be approved." To adopt Utley, email customerservice@bullies2therescue.com to apply! ❤️ #seniordog

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Susie’s Senior Dogs has over 310k followers on Instagram. They specialize in providing homes for/promoting the adoption of senior dogs, who are often overlooked in the adoption process. This is Utley, an adorable senior bulldog, who is actually a puppy at heart.

Every morning, I notice how successful social media is at providing an advertising platform for shelters and rescues. It becomes even more evident in each “Hi I’m interested in adopting!” comment I see in each up-for-adoption post. Many rescues now rely on popular platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to share stories of the animals up for adoption. You, in particular, may not be looking for a new furry companion, but just by clicking ‘share’ on a cute snap of a pup, you can help them find a potential home.